Workshop Overview

By demand Chris is now offering photography and videography workshops. Join Chris and his hand picked models on these amazing workshops. Chris will teach you lighting, diffusion, composition, and much, much more. See the dates and locations listed below and sign up now


Ithaca,NY 07/12/19-07/14/19

Join Chris on not just a workshop but an adventure Not just one day but three day Adventure. Learn posing lighting HSS Led diffusion and reflection. Work one on one with models and much much more.

come see the amazing beauty and waterfalls in the finger lakes region of NY. this will be a must attend event.



Join Chris and Tim Davis of Nox Luna Media. for a day/night workshop in the Big Apple. Learn lighting like never before and work one on one with models. Finish up with amazing shots of the skyline and landscape.

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Buffalo,NY Coming Soon